Rasta Hat Slinky News boy (Camel) SOLD OUT

Rasta Hat Slinky News boy (Camel) SOLD OUT
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Rasta Hat Slinky News boy (Black)

100% Refined Polyester

Large Size

Plastic Peak Washable

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Rasta Caps and Hats

Hatsworld specialize in stocking high quality Rasta beanies, Brims and Tams for people with dreadlocks.The Rastafari movement, or Rasta, is a spiritual movement. It arose in the 1930s in Jamaica the country with a predominantly Christain culture where 98% of the people were the black descendants.The name Rastafari is taken from Ras Tafari, th epre regnal  title of Haile Selassie I, composed of Amharic Ras (literally "Head", an Ethiopian title equivalent to Duke), and Haile Selassie's pre-regnal given name. According to history the clothing, particularly originated from Ethiopia and made famous through reggae music of the 1960's. The material for making the rasta hats originally was herp and over year due to the costly nature have moved to usage of cotton and wool as condusive for the different climate as rastafarians move to different part of the globe.

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