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Trilby/Fedora Hats

At Hatsworld, we realised that hats such as Fedora and Trilby hats have experienced something of a renaissance since the early 70s and 80s from the hay day of the 1940's and 50's when it was almost part of every day dressing.

Fedora and Trilby hats are very similar. The main difference is that the Trilby hats have a smaller brim of no more than a 2" brim (while a fedora has a brim over 2"). We also stock various variations of Fedora and Trilby hats such as the Godfather, Derby, and Bowlers.

Famous wearers of Trilby and Fedora include Al Pacino in God Father movies, famous reggae star Gregory Issacs, Singer Usher and the late king of pop Michael Jackson. At Hatsworld we stock major brands such as Kangol, Capello, Christys and UBI in different styles and different materials which include crushable wool felt, mesh, plaid, corduroy, straw and cotton.

At Hatsworld, we stock Trilby hat for summer and winter, as well as for casual or formal events.

About Us

Hatsworld  (wholy owned and operated by RIM ) evolved from a vision purely to fulfill the need for cutting edge outfits and accessories in the old school and Afro beat music scene, particularly Motown Classic Soul, Rhythm and Blues and the original Hip Hop movement. Consequently, Hatsworld has become a home for old and new school classic funk, urban, hip-hop enthusiasts. We stock at any point in time over 70 different varieties of caps and hats with major stock deliveries every 10 to 12 weeks. Since 1998, hatsworld offers the best and most unique styles and brands in most sizes. At Hatsworld we stock varieties of Flatcaps, Trilby, Fedora and Bowler hats, Gatsby and Newsboy, Beanies hats, Snapback caps, Newera caps, varieties of ladies hats ( Sunhats, Berets, Cabbies, Clochets and Kufis) and children's baseball caps and flat caps. At Hatsworld, we stock various adults and children's branded hats and caps such as AX, Newera, Kangol, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Phatfarm, David&Young, Coogis, Epoch, Diesel, Reebok, Jordan, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, CK, Timberland, Ecko and HW.

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